Project report

Working environments are in a constant change, and thus require an electrical installation that keeps up with all of the changes with little effort. Be it in open-plan offices, public buildings or convention centres: Suspended ceilings have often become the standard today to illuminate, air-condition and provide the rooms with all the necessary electricity and data ports at the same time.
The workplace connection systems from GGK provide strong poles for appropriate solutions. A major project in Norway shows how these workplace connection systems can be used flexibly and individually. Over 1,400 poles were supplied for the new office building of an oil company - "plug and play" ready-made by GGK according to the customer requirements.
The new aluminium profile MRS 70 is round, with a diameter of 70 mm optimised for device installation. A pole in the new office building facilitates provision of data ports and energy for up to four workstations. The workplace connection systems with a height of 2,400 mm also feature a flexible tube which allows subsequent repositioning of the poles in the room.
"The Norwegian electrician wanted from us a ready-made pole to save on his time and own staffing" says Tim Dittmann, GGK export manager. All customer requirements could be optimally met due to the own assembly bays in the Greifenstein plant.
Thanks to the joint efforts and forward planning all dates were adhered to exactly. Similarly, the logistics was planned in detail: The poles were each coded in GGK works so that they could be assigned directly to the corresponding floor at the construction site. "This made handling much easier for our customers at the construction site" says Dittmann.
GGK offers many alternative solutions for flexible, easily modifiable and future-proof workplace connection systems, and thanks to the own assembly bays in the Greifenstein plant it can individually respond to customer requirements when a specific prefabrication ("plug & play" version) is required.