Everything to hand. Drill, jigsaw and grinding machine lie side by side on the workbench. In addition to the way you organise your work, the availability and arrangement of the electricity supply contributes to a good workflow. When everything is running, everything runs faster.

For the workshop, rigid PVC is ideal wall trunkings owing to its robust qualities: low flammability, UV-resistance and exactly the degree of robustness called for in day-to-day working conditions. The BR  wall trunking system in plastic is also easy to clean. And the bottom sections of the trunking, with two rows of base perforation, make installation simple.

Special installation groves also enable front-fixed GDX/P junction and accessory boxes to be fitted. The cover piece with an internal dimension of 80 mm is designed for panel-free installation of the most current surface-mounted switches.



The BR wall trunking system in plastic is available in the stanard colours alpine white (close to RAL 9010), light grey (close to RAL 7035) and cream (similar to RAL 9001). Costum colours are available on request.


Application example shows BR 60x100/80 wall trunking system.