Rooms for the elderly

Technology is a blessing – that is, when it is ergonomically designed for humans. And this is particularly important where mobility is restricted and the need for ease of use becomes greater. Fortunately, this can be achieved without any loss of aesthetics – and without major building alterations. With solutions from GGK. 

In the past, homes were designed for young families. And even today facilities are installed low down, close to the floor. To convert this to a visually attractive dwelling suitable for the needs of the elderly would cost large amounts of dust, labour and above all, money. Building works that demand nerves, time and effort.

With the SL skirting trunking system, combined with the Mini trunking system and module box, this effort is reduced to a minimum. Electrical, communications and data installations can all be run through attractive-looking skirting trunkings. Module boxes can optionally also be accommodated at comfortable grip height from the switch via sockets or even motion detectors from the M45 device module to create, for example, a link to the door opener. A solution whose flexibility is attractive for all interior applications. From the living room to the office the GGK system is first choice for its combination of design, future viability and ergonomics. 

Application example shows the SL 20x70 skirting trunking, door bypass corner, LFG 15x50 and module box.