Living room

Home entertainment is growing steadily more discreet, flatter and more sophisticated. The result is a complex mass of cables and a need for additional power sockets – the reverse side of a technology that should ideally be invisible. Ultimately the creative demand of GGK is a design that makes itself unobtrusively useful.

Fine anodised aluminium makes the two-track multimedia panel into a flexible and adaptable shell for conference and tabletop systems, or into an aesthetically appealing wall panel that caters for multimedia installations in the office or at home. It is also ideally suitable for use as a wall-mounted column. Space requirements are minimal.

User-friendliness is evident right from installation: maximum security and very short working times are assured by standard mounting holes and connecting openings in the partition. The M45 device module enables the unit to be pre-configured and the click-and-fit system means that modules can be clipped in without screws. The multimedia panel is available in three pre-configured standard lengths: 650 mm, 1000 mm and 2000 mm. Also available are end-pieces and rubber feet to protect vulnerable surfaces if the multimedia panel is to be placed on high-quality furniture. 

The example shows the ML 65x100/45 multimedia panel.