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Always the right length
for every requirement.

Every construction site has diverse requirements, making it unique. How can the job of electrical installers be significantly simplified? How can you work faster with a better end result? How can the use of materials be optimised? As the specialist for surface-mounted electrical installations with a specific range of lengths, we have the perfect answers to all these questions.

Special requirements?

Please feel free to contact our experts direct.

The following customised profile lengths are possible:

  • Wall trunkings, installation trunkings and skirtings made from PVC
  • Slotted cable trunkings made from PVC < 3,000 mm
  • Wall trunkings and installation trunkings made of sheet steel < 3,000 mm
  • Wall trunkings and installation poles made of aluminium < 6,000 mm

Customised work
in top time.

The extensive GGK range of trunkings made of PVC, aluminium and sheet steel has a standard 2,000 mm length. However, other length solutions are often required to speed up installation – and this regardless of whether special room dimensions are, for example, required in buildings, containers or vehicles.

The solution for the various length requirements is found in customisation: As true facilitators, we optimally adapt the profile lengths to the requirements – and produce customised machine-cut trunking lengths from 500 mm to 7,500 mm.

In processing terms, this means:

  • less waste, for greater efficiency
  • faster assembly, for more time savings
  • fewer butt edges, for more aesthetics

This turns processors into real pacesetters.

Special lengths,
special solutions.

Our trunkings are now used almost everywhere: indoors and outdoors, in buildings and emergency vehicles, in car parks, and discos. The possible applications know no bounds.

We are happy to present a few selected references in more detail here. No matter what you have in mind, together, we will find a solution. After all, we are real facilitators.

How do you ensure the vital connections in an ambulance?

In an ambulance, integrating a large number of vital connections is important – all in the smallest possible space. The wall trunking made of aluminium are ideal for this – thanks to the individually-adapted lengths, the challenge could be solved quickly.


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