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As a manufacturer with the “Möglichmacher gene”, we offer our retail partners a wide range of benefits: from individually-labelled products and suitable types of packaging to optimised transport packaging that makes the most economic and ecological sense.

Here you can gain a first impression of what we can realise for you. Whatever can be customised will be customised – precisely according to your requirements and needs. It is best to contact us directly.

Individual requirements?

Please feel free to contact our experts directly.

The right type of packaging
for every occasion.

We offer a wide variety of packaging types that are suitable for a wide range of requirements. We have robust cardboard packaging that ensures maximum stability and protection. For products that require an attractive presentation, we have highly-decorative and environmentally-friendly transparent packaging. And for particularly sensitive goods, we offer heavy-duty film packaging that is gentle on the product

Customised label design
for a strong brand image.

We understand the importance of standing out from the competition. That's why we offer custom labelling and special product labelling. You can develop your own private label branding to create a strong brand identity. This way, your products get a unique and distinctive edge.

Special packaging
for special lengths.

We know that not all products meet the standards. Therefore, we offer special packaging for special lengths that deviate from the usual 2 metres. You can also have the packaging quantities customised to your requirements and the needs of the processors. We make sure it will fit.

Special complete sets
for special solution expertise.

Our customised complete sets are a practical solution. You can have us put together all the components you require as a customised product set. We are also happy to integrate customised supplements into the packaging, such as fastening materials, informational advertising material and products such as sockets. This allows you to offer your customers comprehensive solutions

Right of way for
optimised transport packaging!

Our transport packaging is designed to minimise transport costs and maximise environmental benefits. Our packaging solutions offer secure storage and transport units that are stackable, thus utilising storage space efficiently. Plus, thanks to our flexible ordering options, you can always order just the right amount of transport boxes to optimise your handling costs.


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