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We go the extra mile to ensure a
perfect installation!

Our goal is to simplify things for you at work. To this end, we have developed customised packaging solutions based on our many years of practical experience – specifically for the requirements of the trade.

Our customised packaging solutions adapt exactly to your needs – regardless of whether you are dealing with individual one-off items or large-scale production runs. This ensures efficiency, precision and quality right where you need it – on the construction site, in the workshop or wherever you happen to be. And our pre-assembled, ready-to-connect products also come in handy when you need to speed up assembly.

Special requirements?

Please feel free to contact our experts directly.

Optimised pack sizes
reduce costs and was.

Thanks to our optimum packaging quantities, which are precisely tailored to your requirements, you minimise waste and reduce your storage costs.

Complete installation kits
save time and go easy on your nerves.

With our complete installation kits, you receive all the components you need – customised to your specific project and packaged in a single, practical set. This means less annoying purchasing and coordination work for you, while simultaneously significantly reducing the error rate due to missing or incorrect material.

Pre-assembled, ready-to-connect products
as error-free assembly accelerators.

Our pre-assembled modules or ready-to-connect wired product assemblies save precious working time and personnel capacity. You can complete your projects faster and minimise the risk of errors. All this increases your efficiency. Thanks to our own in-house assembly, we can optimally fulfil all requirements and assemble all desired components individually as a product set.


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