Children’s room

In young people’s rooms, things move. The play station or first MP3 player is followed by a PC, a printer, a data interface and another desk lamp. As the child grows, so do the tasks of the equipment – but, please, without tangles of cables.

The micro wall trunking of the MBRA range looks good anywhere. In the living area and all the more in a room that is as flexible as a young person’s room. High-quality aluminium gives a defined look and makes technology into an unobtrusive living-space accessory. The micro wall trunking in aluminium comes both with 80 mm cover pieces for most surface-mount switches and with 45 mm cover pieces sections for all M45 devices. Ideal: all surfaces of the accidental-contact-protected modules of the M45 range are well suited to the aluminium design and can be clicked into the trunking base of the micro wall trunking without screws, requiring little space. 

Application example realised with the MBRA 60x90/45 micro wall trunking.