Face plate

When 80 x 80 mm devices are installed in FB and FBS installation trunking systems, it is recommended that face plates are used. Available with single, double and triple cut-outs (view: rear face plate for FBS, hot-dip coated, with earthing lugs).

Adapter frame

Use of face plates means a break in the cover piece. For this, GGK has developed a module frame that accepts one or two M45 devices (depending on trunking width) and neatly covers cut edges.

Console for wall trunking

Mounting on consoles is recommended not only in wall recesses if lamellas are also to be fitted. Consoles should always be used where the wall is uneven in order to create a neat finish to the installation.

Cutting aid

If many standard lengths must be cut to the required length, the use of a suitable cutting aid is recommended. This greatly facilitates the installation process.

Universal connection blind

Functions as a wall connection blind. Also works as a transition to the ceiling or to the floor where profiles are used as upright columns. When mounting on consoles, the four-sided cover version is recommended; for mounting directly on the wall, the three-sided version is recommended.

Wall connection blind

The wall connection blind is the alternative to the universal lining and provides a neat transition e.g. if the wall openings have not been suitably plastered. The choice of universal lining or wall connection blind is ultimately one of personal taste.

Noise barrier

A rope of mineral fibre with 20 mm diameter for cutting to length. Reduces noise by about 40 dB and should always be used where trunking systems pass through walls and the transfer of noise has to be avoided where possible.