Workplace connection systems

Workstation connection system
RS 180

The high-quality system with three completely separate installation cables was developed for the tried and tested 80 mm surface-switch range and is used mainly for group workplaces.

Workstation connection system
ML 65x185/45

Unbeatable at all high-quality conference and meeting rooms where, without much conversion work near the active desktop, notebooks are supplied with current or smart phones recharged without having to lose any tussle with the neighbours for the last outlet.

Workstation connection system
MBRA 62x62/45 SOLO

A small miracle, since the sleek, high-quality profile of this small elegant column makes it as deployable as the smallest micro installation trunking in the world. Thanks to the compact M45 mounting devices, the external dimensions can be reduced to an absolute minimum.

Workstation connection system
MRS 100

Form follows function. In the best of all cases, the function even emphasises the form. With the MRS 100, GGK has created an installation system whose excellent features are wrapped up in a sophisticated look.