Wire mesh cable trays

from the GRST, GRN and GRSV series are a perfect extension
of the proven modern GGK cable management range and provide a perfectly coordinated transition from the ceiling to, for example, the room columns.

The GRST (stackable mesh cable tray), for example, takes up to 66% less space, as it is the first stackable mesh cable tray on the German market. It saves space in storage and on the construction site and is easier to transport. (Multiple lengths can be carried onto each floor at the same time). Its patented design also provides for much greater load capacity than other systems.

The GRST mesh cable trays are available in two heights and seven widths.
The GGK brochure (see download area) clearly illustrates and describes how to mount the mesh cable tray.

The tapered rods of the mesh cable trays from GGK prevent damage to the cable and minimise the possibility of dust deposits. The open structure facilitates insertion and removal of cables, and the cable routing is visible at all times. This is a great advantage compared to standard cable trays.

It is also virtually impossible for vermin (e.g. mice) to nest in the mesh cable trays.

More details on our wire mesh cable trays

Quick connector SVG

Fast fix couple for wire mesh trays GRST H105 or GRN H65/105 mm

Quick connector SVG/L

Fast fix coupler long for GRST, mounting without bolts

Cable exit plate

Cable exit plate
to assemble drop-out with cable trays use KSMG

Divider Profile TWG

The divider profile allows better organisation of cables

Universal Support Box

Fixing for watertight boxes

Wall and ceiling bracket WDG

The design of the brackets with the T-shaped fixing flap, allows a restistant and easy installation of the trays.

Connection plate

A union plate to connect a flexible pole (diameter of the flexible tube 44mm) to a wire mesh cable tray! ( Ref.18409)