Wall trunking systems

Installation trunking system
BRA 60x130/80

For an installation of a workstation in doctors’ clinics, hospitals or nursing homes that requires a high resistance to cleaning agents and disinfectants, installation trunking made of aluminium is the best solution. Even when it comes to integration into an aesthetic interior decor (e.g. banks), they are a perfect choice.

Installation trunking system
BRS 60x130/80

In public and much frequented buildings and building areas – for example in hospitals, government departments and agencies, showrooms and car parks – these systems are used because of their high strength, and also to decrease the fire load. The colour design of sheet metal trunking systems leaves nothing to be desired (seen here with powder coating in alpine white).

Installation trunking system
BRS 120x120/80 PULT/S

On smooth office walls, where installation trunking (sill-type trunking) would clash visually, the BRS PULT variant runs along the floor by the wall. The beveled form makes the outlets very easy to reach, while the sturdy steel profile can also easily handle a few kicks.

Installation trunking system
BR 60x130/80

In the workshop, garage and parking garage, basement and wherever else we encounter a functional architecture, rigid PVC has prevailed as a material for installation trunking systems thanks to its robust properties. It is flame-retardant, has maximum resistant to UV radiation and has exactly the robustness needed for everyday work.