Wall trunking systems

Complete solutions for cable routing
Nothing is as constant as change. This is especially true when it comes to today’s electrical installations. Whether for office, industrial operation or even the home environment, there is a demand for cable routing solutions that adapt easily and flexibly to new requirements. An additional load, another data socket? No problem with GGK dado trunking: our device installation trunking provides precisely the versatility that modern working and living spaces require today. The classic is still the basis for a solid, reliable and durable electrical installation – even in the era of digitisation. Just lay out power supply and data lines right to where they are needed. It’s that simple – and simply good!

GGK dado trunking not only fulfils the function you are expecting, but also knows how to please with its timelessly elegant design. User-oriented details considerably simplify equipping and installation, saving you valuable time when handling GGK’s dado trunking and device installation trunking. At the same time, the classic always stays fashionable and up to date. Customise the appearance to suit the individual architecture and application environment.
Some pertinent tips:

Dado trunking system BRA 60x130/80

Aluminium dado trunking is the right choice in case of high requirements for appearance and material properties. It has also proven particularly successful for health areas that require high resistance to cleaning and hygienic materials.

Dado trunking system BRS 60x130/80

Sheet steel dado trunking is a real classic – versatile and virtually indestructible. It is equally suitable for public building as it is for offices, showrooms, workshops and even car parks.  Thanks to its powder coating it also offers highly flexible colouring options.

Dado trunking system BR 60x170/80

Plastic dado trunking is another bestseller wherever a high degree of functionality and robustness is required, whether in workshops, doctor’s offices, garages or basements. The proven dado trunking quality is now available in a new outfit: with a fine aluminium look.

Adjustable outer corner*

For all rooms where the wall projections do not form exact 90° angles, these adjustable plastic mouldings offer an adjustment range of +/- 10 % that make changes of direction straightforward even in difficult cases.

Outer corner*

These mouldings are bound to give an attractive look when routing cables round wall projections. As these outer corners in aluminium and sheet steel are manufactured by particular process, their cut edges are particularly precise.

End piece*

End pieces produce a clean finish. They are available either spanning three sides, for direct wall mounting, or spanning four sides, for console mounting, and provide tidy cover for cut edges.

Adjustable inner corner*

For all rooms in which the corners do not form exact 90° angles (e.g. when renovating old buildings), these adjustable plastic mouldings are ideal, offering an adjustment range of +/- 10 %. The high quality of these mouldings lets them be combined with steel plate or aluminium.

Flat bend*

Thanks to these mouldings, changes of direction are not a problem. Moulded lugs accommodate the top part of the trunking (for plastic trunkings), provide a firm seat and hide cut edges neatly.

Inner corner*

The inner corners of all GGK metal trunkings are designed as mouldings. They elegantly cover cut edges, and sheet steel and aluminium versions are fabricated by a special process that avoids welded or soldered joints.

Complete socket unit KSE-M45

M45 devices in an adaptor frame for wall trunkings with an 80 mm upper section create plenty of space where previously a accessory box had to be fitted. Labelling is possible thanks to the horizontal labelling field. The adapter frames can also be individually configured.

Joint clips

For installation trunking systems, trunking connector couplers are a new addition to the GGK range. They can be used as joint connectors or as installation aids for one-man installations.

*Mouldings in aluminium