System M45

New flexibility. The M45 system for built-in units is a clear and simple product line based on the principle of modularity. Thanks to the set installation dimension of 45x45 mm, all of the units can be freely combined – and flexibly interchanged if needed should changes be made later on. Switches, sockets and other devices are plugged in to the channel with a simple click. The built-in units fit in all channels with a 45 mm top part without requiring any additional accessories. They can be used in other systems with module frames, module boxes or adapter frames, depending on the system. This diverse and intelligent system lets you save in three ways – with materials, installation time and space.

As diverse as the job itself. The M45 system for built-in units is GGK’s multi-talent product: The product line encompasses all of the components that are needed for a modern, professional electrical installation: sockets, switches, antenna sockets, data technology, etc. The M45 series is extremely flexible and is compatible with many of the various system environments offered by GGK – installation trunking systems, wall trunking systems, trunking for living rooms (e.g. skirting trunkings) The uniform dimension simplifies installation planning: A single system allows a number of requirements to be met. For wholesalers and installers this means: there is no need to maintain an inventory of difference device installation units for different systems. 

Aesthetic and functional. Aesthetics are an important factor in modern offices. This is why cable routing systems and M45 device units shouldn’t just fit together from a technical standpoint, but from an aesthetic viewpoint, as well. The M45 system and the GGK cable routing systems are a perfect match in every respect. The M45 installation units in white and aluminium painted are a good fit in modern furnished environments. The full cover on the edges gives a clean fit when installing the cover of trunking – a combination of aesthetics and high installation security. Coloured safety sockets are available for special power circuits to provide maximal functionality and work safety. Red Schuko sockets are reserved for IT devices. Just like a red stoplight, they signal that normal electrical devices like vacuums or coffee machines aren’t meant for this socket. Green sockets are used in hospitals for special frequencies.