Supply trunking systems: RK transition cover

Initial situation

Not at all good! All too often it gets left like this. It doesn’t look very good and is not very secure.

Attempted solution

This variant isn’t a very good solution either, although somebody has made the effort to tidy up the clutter.

Profile mounts with magnet

On metal junction and fuse boxes the jumper trunking mounts can be attached with two strong magnets. Additional screw fixing is not required, since the jumper trunking clips into the mounts.

Screw fixing

On plastic junction and fuse boxes the same mounts are used, but these can then be screwed to the wall and to the box. Here again, the jumper trunking is simply clipped on.

Tall and narrow?

Jumper trunking installed, version 1: thanks to its asymmetrical construction, simply turning the magnet holder and the cover allows different heights and widths to be obtained with a single set. In this illustration the jumper trunking is tall, with a shallower depth.

Low and wide?

Jumper trunking installed, version 2: here the jumper trunking can be seen in a wider shape with less height. You can decide which you prefer or what you require for particular situations.