Home entertainment

Manufacturers of entertainment electronics produce many small devices in the 80x80 mm format such as radios, loudspeakers and charging stations. These can be fitted quickly and easily into existing cable trunking systems.

Special solutions

BRS METRO trunking base

The basic profile is a “trunking within a trunking” solution. A U-shaped bottom section whose dimensions for projects are highly variable and that can accommodate units that are already installed if required by the building owner.

BRS METRO upper section

The upper sections can be designed to accept floor coverings. This may be with a one-sided folding hinge, a magnetic catch or simply by laying. Fitted with a brush profile on the side, which functions as a cable outlet, this unit makes for a clever solution.

BRS METRO interior

Set into a floor, it is only necessary to leave a few places in the floor free at the planning stage where the system is intended to serve in future as a connection point for all communications units.


Always accessible for expansions to the installation and yet tread-resistant, the upper sections can be removed if further sockets, data connections or similar are required.

Unobtrusive functioning

Completely unobtrusive and matched to the floor, yet offering immense “interior” benefit, the BRS METRO is present when all upper sections lie on top.