Skirting trunking systems

Skirting trunking system
SL/Tc 20x50

The perfect ending for a carpet or laminate flooring, and it even has the added benefit that outlets or communication technology can be retrofitted at any time. SL/Tc 20x70 also available.

Angle trunking system
WK 30x40

Whether mounted horizontally or vertically, angle trunking is a sensible solution if cables are to be laid unobtrusively in corners or under a ceiling from A to B.

Skirting trunking system
SL/c 20x50

Both the forward-looking construction of new buildings and for the attractive renovation of old buildings: skirting trunking guarantees for all needs an attractive total solution in a perfect surface-mounting technique. The trunking runs the cables exactly to the spot where the current should flow, and it stows away all the cables for the stereo system, media centre and everything else used today in the living area – so that nothing is left lying on the floor to stumble over.