Skirting trunking systems

Home duct system Mini 15x50

They can do it all in your home.
Versatile, quickly and easily modified and even great-looking, home duct systems from GGK meet all the requirements for modern cable management in living spaces. Multimedia equipment, smart home and consumer electronics require customised solutions. GGK has the right solutions for you with its home duct systems. The installing electrician is able to provide his private clients with optimal advice and satisfy them with tailor-made concepts.

WK 30x40

Flexible solutions for the smart home
Living spaces in particular require a flexible energy supply. Smart home and multifunctional living impose requirements that GGK home duct systems meet to perfection. The tried-and-tested cable duct has lost none of its versatility and importance in terms of a modern look and functionality, becoming even more “presentable”. Whether on the wall, in the corner of the room, under the ceiling or on the ceiling as a supply cable for a light, it’s up to you to decide on the ideal positioning.

Another fitting example of the cable management solutions from GGK is the multimedia duct ABK. It accommodates all those annoying cables in your living room’s multimedia centre and makes them disappear from sight – a neat solution.

Another aesthetically pleasing alternative for the living room as a multimedia control centre is the GGK dado trunking MBR/d 65x100. The “d” stands for decoration: with its high quality aluminium look, the duct blends harmoniously into living spaces.

Home ducts with real added value
In addition to looks, the inner values are also important. Skirting duct systems not only provide a simple and flexible energy supply for living spaces but can also be arranged to ensure convenient handling even in case of limited mobility. In conjunction with the module box (for the compact M45 built-in devices) on the mini-duct, this provides an ergonomically practical solution, as the socket can thus be positioned at a convenient and accessible height. Easily accessible switches, sockets, roller blinds control units or motion detectors thus become part of the ergonomic and barrier-free solution. GGK home duct systems keep up with the times while providing custom-tailored electrical installations in private living spaces. With comfort, safety and flexibility. In addition to the fashionable colour of alpine white, you can choose from colours such as cream white, brown and beige as well as beech and aluminium finishing.

Skirting trunking systems: Details on our Smart Home-solutions


Single device holder – a universal holder for all areas of application, accepts 80 mm devices from almost all surface switch manufacturers.

SL appliance box

Single device holder, example here with an 80 mm socket with glass surround.


This double unit can be universally configured for all applications. Any combination of M45 devices from the M45 range of modules is possible. SL-GT double, ready pre-wired, with contact safety feature. See picture above.

End piece

Neatly finishes the ends of trunkings – simply insert. Care should be taken to use the correct end piece for the right and left-hand end. Where an end is likely to come into contact with a vacuum cleaner, the end piece should be firmly affixed.

Outer corner

With the SL skirting trunking, changes of direction can be elegantly realised thanks to the range of mouldings available – in this case, the outer corner. A mitre cut, however neatly performed, will gradually form an unattractive fissure over time.


The coupling binds together two upper sections of skirting trunking. Since the upper sections are inserted via the locking tabs under the side chamfers, this is particularly important where the upper sections have been sawn on-site and the edges are no longer entirely straight.

Inner corner

What applies to the outer corner applies equally to the inner corner. A smooth, moulded accessory part is easy to clean and has no joint where dirt can build up. In a harmonically designed cable run, no “emergency fix” is acceptable.

Adaptor piece

If sockets, switches, blind control units or similar may later be installed at grip height (i.e. higher than floor level), it is advisable, instead of using an end piece, to fit a transition lining (NB different left and right-hand versions) and to position it using MINI 15x50 plus the appropriate MB module box in combination with M45 devices exactly where it will be used.