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Trunkings with
unrivalled surface quality.

You should be able to expect high quality from any product “made in Germany” – and yet there are significant differences when it comes to quality. We can rightly claim that our trunkings made of PVC set standards in terms of quality, aesthetics and functionality.

The surface structure of our products clearly sets them apart from other manufacturers. We owe this in part to the high-quality PVC raw material formulation from our sister company West-Chemie, with whom we work hand in hand.

What's more: we manufacture our installation trunkings, by using a special extrusion moulding technique. This technology has been perfected in the course of many years and is perfectly matched to the raw material formulation. The result: a unique surface that impresses – and offers numerous advantages.

The visible and tangible benefits
of our trunkings made of PVC:

  • Greater time savings Our trunkings are wipe-resistant and dirt-repellent. This means less time spent on tedious cleaning work.

  • More longevity You need materials that can withstand the demands. Our trunking is robust and remains immaculate, even with intensive use. This means a long-term investment in quality.

  • More value With its unique surface structure, our trunking conveys value and quality, which creates a professional appearance that emphasises customer satisfaction with a convincing work result.

  • More haptics Compared to other cable trunking, which has a brittle, porous and matt surface, you will immediately see and, above all, feel the differences with our cable trunking. The pleasant feel conveys a sense of quality and value.

Not only do our PVC trunkings simplify surface-mounted electrical installations; they also give every room a contemporary and attractive look. Go for quality and aesthetics and opt for our PVC trunking, which makes a smooth but subtle difference


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