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The stylish installation trunkings
in exclusive metallic colours.

In the world of interior design, details play a decisive role. At GGK, we have set a new standard with our installation trunkings in a unique colour scheme – installation trunkings in trendy metallic colours. Our products are the ideal choice for anyone looking for a stylish and high-quality technical solution. Discover what new design possibilities are open to you here.

Unique product line available in various sizes:

  • 15x15
  • 15x30
  • 40x60

Exceptional aesthetics,
unique feel.

The soft grip surface gives the installation trunking a soft and high-quality texture that you can really feel. Simultaneously, though, the shimmering, metallic-reflective surface effect ensures that – depending on the incidence of light – your rooms are accentuated by a special play of colours.

The titan of
futuristic design.

High-quality, timeless, modern. With its cool, silvery appearance titanium fascinates and contributes to a stylishly purist and futuristic design.

The bronze age
is back again!

The bronze colour stands for low-key elegance full of character – a powerful, high-quality accent that simultaneously appears soft. More than ever, bronze emphasises a warm, cosy atmosphere.

The cool
silver flair.

Silver adds a modern yet cool look to the four walls. The colour has an orderly and structured effect, adding a contemporary flair to the rooms.

New colours,
new possibilities.

The new metallic colours enable a wide range of design options in different rooms. Whether in offices, exhibition halls, living rooms or even bars and restaurants – the installation trunking creates stylish accents everywhere or harmoniously integrates into a wide variety of interior styles – regardless of cosy, elegant, cool or industrial.

Add an exclusive touch to any room with our cable ducts in metallic colours. The combination of aesthetics, shimmering extravagance and a wide range of colour options makes it possible to design rooms in line with personal preferences. Make a statement of exclusive design with our cable trunking and turn any room into a place that is not only functional but also aesthetically impressive.


Now it's getting personal.

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