Micro wall trunking systems

Micro installation trunking systems
MBRA 65x130/45 DUO

When using trunking with an integrated partition, electromagnetic compatibility is guaranteed. By using the compact M45 mounting device you can put in trunking where previously in the same space you could only lay an installation line. (Micro) installation trunking of aluminium is the best solution for an environment with aesthetic interior design.

Micro installation trunking system
MBRS 60x90/45

Small but perfect!  The MBRS 60x90/45, when using M45 mounting devices, has a slot for everything that in a conventional installation would require a duct sized 60x130.

Micro installation trunking system
MBRS 80x80/45 PULT/S

On smooth office walls, where a trunking installation (sill-type trunking) would interfere with appearance of the wall, the MBRS PULT/S variant runs along the floor. The beveled form makes the outlets very easy to reach, while the sturdy steel profile can also easily handle a few kicks.

Micro installation trunking system
MBR 65x130/45 DUO

With this compact size, two installation lines can be installed by using M45 mounting devices. Separate power and data cables? No problem! Wherever we encounter functional architecture, rigid PVC has prevailed because of its robust properties as a material for (micro) installation trunking systems.