MBRA 62x62/45
MBR 65x130/45 DUO

Good conduction, straight lines and clear shapes:

The compact MBR trunking system from GGK is the ideal choice for modern installation concepts, whether in the home, the office or the workshop.

With installation-friendly 45 mm upper parts and standard base perforation, micro-trunking channels meet all practical requirements. MBR offers a high degree of flexibility for the tool-free installation of M45 built-in devices. Whether switches, sockets or data technology, the compact design of the built-in devices ensures the duct has adequate installation space.

Flame-resistant plastic is the tried and tested raw material for micro-device installation trunking. It guarantees easy handling during installation, a glossy surface, maximum bearing and holding properties on the wall as well as a long shelf life. An installation depth of 65 mm ensures maximum usage space and ideal installation properties.  The material is uniformly coloured, insulating and resistant to impact and shock.

Mouldings such as variable inside and outside corners, flat angle as well as T and cross pieces round off our product range.  In terms of functionality and design all needs are catered for.

Perfect installation in all areas

Micro dado trunking is the right choice for all areas requiring ideal and also flexible installation solutions:
• in living areas, hobby rooms and garages
• in offices, government departments and hotels
• in laboratories, workshops and production facilities
• in shops, law firms and doctor’s surgeries
• in schools, universities and hospitals

Two-track micro installation trunking

Here two completely separate installation chambers are available, allowing data and power cables – or high-power, telecommunications, control and IT cables – to be separated cleanly and in line with applicable standards. This two-track version is therefore used when a large number of installation units are required. With its compact construction, this design requires less space than conventional trunkings.

Micro wall trunking systems

Adjustable outer corner

For perfectly shaped corner runs with adjustment ranges of -12°/+32°. Their swivelling outer surfaces let these corners fit perfectly into any angle in the room. The solution for less-than-ideal conditions.

Adjustable inner corner

Inner corners are rarely exactly 90°. To solve this problem elegantly, this inner corner has an adjustment range of +/-10°.

End piece

The end piece hides the cut edges of the micro installation trunking. It is simple to clip onto the trunking without tools – creating a fully formed finish.