Cable trunking systems

Cable trunking system
FB 60x110 eco

For the functional workstation installation in the office, workshop, warehouse and laboratory both the 60x110 FB and its “green brother”, the eco 60x110 FB, are ideal.

Cable trunking system
FBS 60x130

Where mechanical strain is usually high and the architecture highly functional (e.g. garage / parking garage, warehouse, laboratory), the FBS trunking in galvanised, corrosion-resistant steel sheet is always choice number one. 

Cable trunking system
MINI 15x50

Whether in the living room as a door-bypass, as a complement to the skirting board, or if switches and outlets are subsequently to be placed at “handle height” without the notorious control lines in the wall, the MINI 15x50 is an all-round talent.

Cable trunking system
LFS 60x60

Whether in the workshop, storage spaces, sports facilities, garages and car parks or in industry, and whether galvanised or powder-coated: when it comes to functional installations, LFS 60x60 is here to stay.

Cable trunking system
LFG 60x90

Rigid PVC ducts have been installed by the millions as cable conduits for many years now. With a module frame and M45 mounting devices, the LFG 60x90 has the same function as a sill-type trunking, but a much smaller footprint.