Device installation systems

GED 50-2

The single and double accessory boxes were designed for classic installation of 80 mm devices in installation trunking systems with DIN mounting rails.

GDS 50

The quick-fit accessory box in black (soon also in blue) is attached to the DIN mounting rails in a single movement using a locking stud. It represents a good project solution with a good price/performance ratio.


The front-fitted GDX/P device socket is developed for wall trunking systems and is used in particular in trunking systems that either have no DIN mounting rails or that are higher than 65 mm.

KSE 50/Dialog

The tried-and-tested double accessory boxes. Regardless of whether for front or floor fixing there are versions fully ready for connection with double or triple complete socket units. Insert, connect, done!

Face plate

Suitable face plates are available for all cable trunkings with cut-outs for single, double or triple 80 mm device modules. The illustration shows a face plate for the FBS trunking. To ensure that the earthing can be assured without interruption, it is provided with two earthing lugs for any necessary potential equalisation cables.

Adapter frame

New to GGK are adapter frames that allow M45 device modules to be fitted into all wall trunkings and installation poles (columns) with 80 mm covers. They feature labelling fields as standard: both horizontal for wall trunking systems and vertical for the installations pole systems.

M45 data connection socket

This very compact M45 module (45x45 mm) accommodates two RJ 45 jacks. In addition to Schuko sockets -in ordinary position (straight) and at a 45°m inclined version- , switches and blind controllers, many device modules for this compact dimension are available.