Balustrade-covering system


Functionality paired with looks.
In addition to function, an aesthetically pleasing appearance is an important consideration for builders and users of rental properties. Unsightly recesses under window sills or old, bulky radiators can be elegantly panelled without affecting function or use. Especially when older buildings need to be renovated for today’s requirements with the help of modern technology, not all the relics of the glorious past can be adapted without a lot of effort and considerable financial resources.

For recesses under windows (as well as with older radiators that are to be retained), there are nevertheless some very visually pleasing and affordable solutions. Dado panelling can be realised with either panel cladding made of coated sheet steel or aluminium slats. Whether straight or slanted slats are used for this is a matter of taste.

Details on our Balustrade-covering systems

Console for wall trunking

GGK wall trunking consoles are available in six different sizes, each with its own adjustment range (see Accessories from page 510), allowing recesses from depth 45 mm to 367 mm to be cladded.

Magnet holder

Strong magnet holders guarantee that the cladding, either with lamellas or as a panel, sits firmly in place – but can also be removed to allow the radiator to be cleaned or maintained or the cladding to be cleaned.

Support profile

The support profile holds the plastic fin support – see Fin supports – while also functioning as a stand in combination with the retaining bracket.

Fixing bracket

The HWB fixing bracket is attached to the floor and holds the support profile. A little extra space beneath the bottom or last fin makes it easy to clean beneath the cladding.

Fin support

The fin supports are mounted on the support profile. The aluminium lamellas can in turn be easily clipped (see rear) onto the fin support.

Safety chain

The safety chain(s) hold the entire lamella assembly together when, for example, the radiator is cleaned or the thermostat adjusted, etc.


How many lamellas and which console are required depends on the depth of the wall recess. Illustration shows ALN/S angled fins.