Environmental awareness is quality awareness

Circuits take care of good things. GGK takes the statutory provisions and official regulations concerning protection of the environment seriously and documents its observance of them. Taking the environmentally relevant aspects of our activities into account is part of our quality awareness. 

In manufacturing, storage, transport and disposal we aim to keep the environmental and human impact as low as possible.

•    Environmentally sustainable products are given preference
•    Materials and energy are used sparingly 
•    Waste avoidance takes priority over recycling
•    Scrap is recycled
•    The use of environmentally damaging materials and manufacturing processes is avoided
•    Recyclability is a requirement for new products

By setting up an environmental management system we ensure these guidelines are implemented. All our employees are personally requested to be mindful of environmental protection in their specific field of work. We also promote environmental awareness and environmental responsibility among our personnel and ensure that education and training is offered in environmentally relevant areas. 

Our aim is to continually improve environmental protection in our company. We are striving to gradually reduce our consumption of resources and energy and to minimise our emissions and waste in such a way that we make our contribution to environmentally sustainable development. We take account of environmental impact in our investment and purchasing policy. Wherever possible we aim to give preference to the most environmentally friendly options. Suppliers and contractual partners are also included in our efforts to improve our environmental performance.