Cooperation partners

ZVEI – the trade association of the most innovative high-tech industries in Germany. ZVEI represents the common interests of the electrical industry and the associated service-providing companies in Germany and internationally. The association sets the pace of technical progress with proposals for policy in research, technology, environmental protection, training and science. It supports market-related international standardisation activities.

Some 1600 companies have opted to become members of ZVEI. These companies account for roughly 90% of employees in the electrical industry in Germany. ZVEI itself employs about 150 staff in its head office, while every year some 5000 members of the member companies work together in committees.

ZVEI represents an industry with a turnover of over €178 billion in 2011. Roughly 40% of this figure is devoted to new products and systems. One of three innovations in the manufacturing industry is based on solutions from the electrical industry.

At the end of 2011 the electrical industry in Germany had 844,000 employees. With more than 600,000 employees outside Germany, the value creation of the electrical industry is the most globally networked of all industries.
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Bundestechnologiezentrum für

Elektro- und Informationstechnik e. V. The BFE (Federal Technology Centre for Electrical and Information Technology), based in Oldenburg, has 65 years of experience. It guarantees the highest level of training and individual support. The BFE has trained well over 35,000 master electrical engineers from all over Germany and developed into a nationwide competence centre with the highest standards.